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Mobile projectors are becoming an increasingly popular part of consumer entertainment systems. Consumers have come to expect long battery life, and a broad range of input and connectivity options as part of a satisfying portable viewing experience. These systems must offer high resolution and brightness displays with exceptional audio quality and a user-friendly interface — all while maintaining high efficiency, lower power consumption, and a low cost. 
To stand out in the market, new portable projector designs need to be able to:
- Support 4K, 1080P, and DSP
- Extend battery runtime and lamp life
- Enable higher brightness and greater color quality than ever before
- Provide loud, high-fidelity sound through small speakers
- Shrink the overall package size

Our large selection of highly efficient power management parts includes e-fuse and USB controllers, switches, supervisory circuits, chargers, converters, regulators, and audio amplifiers. These parts can help simplify the design process by minimizing passive component count, and offer high-end performance in small package sizes. Excellent power management and thermal protection ensure that you can deliver top-of-the-line display and audio quality.

MPS provides efficient, cost-effective solutions across the signal chain for next-generation mobile projector designs.
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