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Headphones and earbuds are following the trend of other portable electronics adding more features and increased connectivity into smaller solution sizes. New headphone and earbud designs prioritize wireless connectivity and smart features, along with long battery life for maximum use time. Next-generation hearables are gaining mass market appeal offer exceptionally complex features, such as biosensing, in a tiny form factor. And of course, any headphones or earbuds must maintain the premium audio quality and ease of use that consumers expect. These strict design requirements necessitate small BOM, high efficiency, compact battery management, and ultra-low standby power.
Our comprehensive solutions include switches, chargers, converters, PMICs, and drivers. Each part is engineered to offer the best possible performance in tiny package sizes. Low latency and power consumption, in combination with exceptional signal-to-noise and power supply rejection ratios, make MPS devices ideal for challenging design requirements. They integrate high efficiency and cutting-edge performance to help simplify the design process.
MPS provides cost-effective, small form factor components across the signal chain to optimize power management in headphone and earbud designs.
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