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Gaming controllers and peripherals are expected to have fast, accurate controls, reliable haptic feedback, and a long battery life. The nature of these devices means they must also be lightweight, comfortable to hold, and fairly durable. Connectivity options include RF signals, WiFi, Bluetooth, and near field control (NFC), and many controllers and peripherals integrate more than one of these. Other advanced features — such as voice control, capacitive touch, and LED displays — are also being incorporated into new controller designs. Of course, a remote controller should above all remain easy to use, with reliable battery life and signal quality. These strict design requirements mean that each component must be highly efficient, compact, and minimize power consumption.

Our suite of cutting-edge solutions includes e-fuse, load and analog switches, linear and switching chargers, PMICs, linear regulators, LED drivers, motor drivers, as well as buck, boost, and buck-boost converters. We provide everything necessary to design efficient, innovative gaming controllers and peripherals that offer ultra-low standby power and precise control in a small package.

MPS’s leading technology offers cost-effective power management to simplify the design process and bring the next generation of gaming controllers and peripherals to market quickly.

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