Flat-Panel TVs

Flat-panel TVs, including technologies such as 4K, 8K, LCD, and OLED, are a massive consumer market. The popularization of cloud-based streaming services and smart devices have made the design requirements for these TVs more challenging than ever. Customers expect high resolution and brightness displays with exceptional audio quality and a variety of input and interface capabilities — all while maintaining high efficiency, lower power consumption, and a low cost. Next-generation flat-panel TVs must meet these demands and adapt to new technologies to provide the best performance and convenience possible.

Our broad portfolio of products include converters, regulators, drivers, amplifiers, switches, rectifiers, controllers, and supervisory circuits. These parts can help simplify the design process by minimizing passive component count, and offer high efficiency in small package sizes. Excellent power management and thermal protection ensure that you can deliver top-of-the-line display and audio quality.

MPS’s power management solutions provide simple, cost-effective options to power up and optimize flat-panel TVs without sacrificing quality or efficiency.