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Drone remote controllers must be able to offer consumers the precise, reliable control of drones and multicopters without hindering speed, navigation, or flight time. Wireless connectivity, as well as fast data processing and communication across a broad transmission distance, are crucial to ensure proper control and safety. Many new designs also feature LCD or LED interfaces, or even smartphone connectivity. And of course, a remote controller should remain easy to use, with long battery life and stable signal quality. These strict design requirements mean that each component must be highly efficient, compact, and minimize power consumption.

Our robust suite of solutions includes PMICs, step-down converters, step-up converters, buck-boost converters, supervisory circuits, switching chargers, and linear regulators. We provide everything necessary to design efficient, innovative drone remote controllers that offer ultra-low standby power and precise control in a small package. With these parts, you can deliver the best performance and user experience in cutting-edge designs.

MPS’s leading technology offers cost-effective power management to simplify the design process and create reliable, advanced drone remote controllers.
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