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Docking stations offer a convenient way to plug in a laptop to common peripherals, such as DVI, COM, USB, and Ethernet — all with one connection. Typically, docking stations are made for a particular computer module, and offer different docking styles that allow a laptop computer to act like a desktop computer. With an increasing need for more peripherals and more complicated laptops, power design for docking stations is a critical step to ensure top performance.

Our large portfolio covers all the power needs for most docking station designs. These comprehensive offerings include power solutions for USB Type-A and USB Type-C, Thunderbolt, Ethernet docking controllers, aux power, and many more. Industry-leading technologies from MPS allow for fully integrated charging port solutions that include a buck, CLS, and port controller all in one package. Fully integrated buck-boost solutions include an I2C interface for high-accuracy output voltage control.

MPS’s cost-effective, highly efficient devices provide everything needed to simplify design and power up the system.
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