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Bluetooth and wireless speakers are a growing market as end consumers expect more connectivity than ever in their day-to-day environments. Of course, any new speaker is expected to maintain exceptional audio quality and long battery life for extended playtime, be highly portable, and offer complete ease-of-use to the consumer. Increasingly high demand for features like voice command, more audio sources, and cloud network integration have made speaker systems more complex and increased power demands.
Our power solutions offer high efficiency in cost-effective, space-saving packages to ensure Bluetooth and wireless speaker systems can deliver the best sound quality and most cutting-edge features without compromising cost or convenience. We offer a wide range of products to simplify design, from Class-D audio amplifiers and DC/DC power converters to battery management chargers and LED drivers.
MPS’s leading technology provides efficient, space-saving, and cost-effective solutions to power up the system.
Explore our highly integrated battery charger IC solution for wireless speakers
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