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Cloud computing, AI and machine learning, and other game-changing innovations are spreading across the technology industry and becoming ubiquitous in consumers’ everyday lives. However, supporting the increased data and processing needs of these technologies requires servers and data centers to be able to deliver at higher rates than ever before. Servers have to handle ever-increasing amounts of data throughput and storage, while also maintaining system flexibility and security. DDR power rails require almost as much power as the core rail, and must be highly stable and easy to deploy as servers’ data capabilities continue growing.

Our controllers and regulators prioritize efficiency while keeping overall system cost low. They provide thermal management created specifically for high-density, power-hungry servers to save energy and optimize output. Our proprietary Intelli-PhaseTM technology enables you to not only maintain, but improve performance with each new design. These scalable solutions include hot swap capabilities and advanced FET technologies to help simplify design in space-saving packages.

MPS’s innovative devices offer the power, reliability, and efficiency to meet your server design needs.
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