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Telematics and e-call systems help increase vehicle safety by monitoring conditions and, in the event of a crash, assisting the driver with or alerting emergency responders directly to the event. These embedded onboard tools can monitor diagnostics and offer benefits such as vehicle tracking, as well communication for roadside assistance and emergency calls. Of course, new features also bring greater levels of design complexity. And as with all automotive components, these automotive-grade components must meet strict EMI and temperature requirements so that consumers and manufacturers can feel confident in improved comfort and convenience, while also being safe and minimizing driver distraction.

Our broad portfolio of power management solutions includes power modules, step-down and step-up converters, LDOs and linear regulators, and class-D audio amplifiers. These highly dependable components meet stringent temperature and EMI requirements, while still simplifying system design and minimizing overall solution size.

MPS’s reliable, efficient solutions provide everything you need to design the next generation of automotive telematics and e-call designs. 

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