Rearview Cameras (Coaxial)

Rearview cameras are perhaps the most well-known camera subsystem used in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications. As this feature is being offered and expected in more and more vehicles, these camera systems must offer high integration and fast data processing to enable accurate, real-time monitoring of possible hazards behind the vehicle and channeling information directly to an LCD display typically located in the cabin’s head unit. Designed to improve consumer safety and convenience, these advanced safety features also add design complexity and additional considerations for the engineer, on top of compliance with ISO26262 safety standards and EMI mitigation.

Our scalable, dependable suite of power management solutions includes power modules, step-down converters, and linear regulators. These automotive-grade parts meet stringent temperature and EMI requirements, while still simplifying system design and minimizing overall solution size.

MPS’s efficient, cost-effective product portfolio offers everything you need to power the next generation of rearview camera designs.

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Rearview Cameras (Coaxial) Components