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As automotive LED drivers replace traditional bulbs, the operation of low-power exterior and interior lighting systems have become increasingly advanced. Exterior lighting includes turn signals, side markers, rear combination lamps (RCLs), and fog lamps. Interior lighting includes button backlighting, instrument clusters, and dome and ambient lights. While improved low-power operation of exterior and interior lighting achieves better road safety, high efficiency, and durable essential lighting, these systems also require sophisticated regulators and microcontrollers. They must also be scalable and able to integrate advanced features for movement, visibility, and variable intensity. As with all automotive applications, all lighting systems must also meet stringent thermal requirements, ISO26262 safety standards, and EMC regulations.

Our broad portfolio of power management solutions includes LED drivers, power modules, step-down and step-up converters, and USB charging ports. These parts are designed to ensure the best possible performance and scalability in the smallest package size, on top of compliance with temperature and EMI standards.

MPS’s highly efficient, compact solutions provide everything you need to power the next generation of low-power exterior and interior lighting system designs.

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Reverse Battery Protection
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Linear LED Driver
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Buck, Boost, or Buck-Boost Regulator
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Multi-Channel Linear LED Driver
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Rear Light with Dynamic Effect
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Lights: Rear, Brake, CHMSL, Fog, Signaling, DRL, Dome, Ambient, and Puddle
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