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Laser imaging, detection, and ranging (LiDAR) is a rapidly expanding market for automotive advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) applications. Autonomous vehicle perception sensing is a cutting-edge functionality of ADAS technologies, and will continue to develop as new cars integrate radar with cameras and LiDAR systems. LiDAR uses real-time measurements of light pulses to offer higher bandwidth surroundings perception than radar. LiDAR improves range resolution and accuracy, and enables a small solution size that reduces BOM size and cost. However, these remarkable features also necessitate greater technical complexity, on top of compliance with ISO26262 safety standards and EMI mitigation.

Our highly efficient, robust catalog of automotive-grade parts includes step-down converters, step-up converters, boost converters, step-down power modules, low-dropout (LDO), supervisory circuits, and watchdog timers. These components are designed to simplify the design of LiDAR systems and reduce costs, are also engineered to minimize EMI and ensure compliance with safety requirements, so consumers and manufacturers can be confident in their vehicle.

MPS’s highly compact, accurate power management solutions provide everything you need to power the next generation of LiDAR designs.

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