Driver Monitoring Systems

Driver monitoring systems are one of the latest developments in automotive safety technology. As part of a holistic human-machine interface (HMI), driver monitoring systems track vital sign parameters and driver attentiveness, so that in the event that the driver is unable to operate the vehicle, assistance can be provided. Of course, advanced new features add design complexity and additional considerations for the engineer. Because safety is always the top priority, these components must meet strict EMI and temperature requirements so that consumers and manufacturers can feel confident in improved comfort and convenience while minimizing driver distraction.

Our top-performing catalog of automotive-grade solutions includes power modules, PMICs, step-down converters, and linear regulators. These components pack top-tier flexibility and efficiency into a small package size, saving cost and board space to improve time-to-market.

MPS’s reliable, cost-effective power management solutions provide everything you need to power the next generation of driver monitoring systems.

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Driver Monitoring Systems Components