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77GHz radar is quickly growing in popularity for automotive advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) applications. Perception-sensing systems are a growing market within ADAS technologies, and will continue to expand as new cars integrate radar with cameras and even LIDAR systems. Automotive imaging radar is used as an additional way to sense objects or potential hazards around the vehicle. 77GHz radar improves upon its 24GHz predecessor by offering wider bandwidth that enables greater range resolution and accuracy, and allows for a smaller total solution size since the higher frequency means the sensors used in application can be smaller. However, these impressive features also mean greater technical complexity, on top of compliance with ISO26262 safety standards and EMI mitigation.
Our top-tier portfolio of automotive-grade components includes power modules, as well as step-down and step-up converters — all specifically designed to provide the best efficiency and performance in the smallest package size. These parts are also engineered to minimize EMI and ensure compliance with safety requirements so consumers and manufacturers can be confident in their vehicles.
 MPS’s reliable, cost-effective solutions offer the best in power management so you can power the next generation of 77GHz radar designs.
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