360° Surround View Cameras

360° surround view cameras help eliminate blind spots for drivers by providing a bird’s eye view of the car and typically channeling it directly to an LCD display located in the cabin’s head unit. This image is a composite created from multiple cameras located around the vehicle, usually at least four. Sometimes thought of as the next step in evolution from the backup camera, 360° surround view camera systems are growing in popularity as advanced driver assistance (ADAS) features are added into more and more new vehicles to improve consumer safety and convenience. These surround view camera systems must offer high integration and fast data processing to enable cutting-edge safety features such as lane departure and collision warnings, moving object detection, and traffic sign recognition. These advanced new features also add design complexity and additional considerations for the engineer, on top of compliance with ISO26262 safety standards and EMI mitigation.

Our exceptional portfolio of power management solutions includes step-down and step-up converters, linear regulators, termination regulators, and step-down switchers. These automotive-grade parts meet stringent temperature and EMI requirements, while still simplifying system design and minimizing overall solution size.

MPS’s highly compact, highly efficient product portfolio offers everything you need to power the most advanced, reliable 360° surround view cameras on the market.