USB Type-C

USB Type-C, also known as USB-C, is the latest improvement to gain popularity for fast data transfers and effective power delivery. This small, convenient connector shape makes it easy for consumers to charge devices and transfer data. As USB Type-C is being included with more and more mobile devices, it is set to replace its larger USB 2.0 predecessor. These connectors function as crucial elements in many of consumers’ everyday devices, and therefore need to be able to reliably deliver fast charge and transfer speeds, ESD protection, and safely handle high levels of input and output power.
Our regulators, load switches, and controllers offer high power density and excellent thermal management to enable USB Type-C designs that integrate high efficiency and low standby power. These solutions also minimize EMI and power loss to optimize function for the end user.
MPS’s DC/DC parts keep cost low and total solution size small, providing everything you need to power the system.