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Mobile devices are one of today’s largest technology markets, and mobile wall chargers are a key accessory to keep those devices running. It is crucial that these chargers offer not only the fastest available safe charging rates, but also accurately sense and respond to battery charge information to protect the device battery from damage. The combination of consumer expectations and increased power demands due to mobile devices’ many integrated technologies and features mean that new mobile wall charger designs need to be able to offer more robust charging in smaller solution sizes. Low cost, portability, energy efficiency, and compliance standards such as Energy Star round out the list of requirements.

Our broad portfolio of solutions includes flyback controllers, synchronous rectifiers, voltage references, and operational amplifiers — everything needed to design highly efficient, compact, reliable mobile wall chargers. These parts help simplify the design process and enable the product to deliver a full charge more quickly.

MPS’s cost-effective, highly integrated solutions make it simple to power up the system.
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