Three-Phase Smart Power Meters

Three-phase smart power meters area critical component of smart homes and the growing consumer focus on energy efficiency. Three-phase meters use a three-wire system (sometimes four), and can better accommodate higher loads compared to single-phase meters. Three-phase power meters are also more efficient and deliver power at a steadier, more consistent rate. They are typically used for commercial or industrial buildings that have higher power requirements than residential homes. Because they measure energy consumption and are often found on the outside of a building, they need to be accurate, efficient, and have a long lifespan.
Our portfolio includes highly reliable, long-lasting DC/DC controllers, flyback regulators, and flyback controllers. These devices accelerate time-to-market by lowering cost and BOM, and simplifying the design process. 

MPS’s industry-leading solutions combine high efficiency and small package sizes, providing everything you need to design the next generation of three-phase smart power meters.