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AC/DC power supplies must deliver high-efficiency power conversion for a variety of consumer, industrial, and commercial applications. 10W, isolated power supplies can be used in a wide range of applications, and mean both greater protection and greater complexity than non-isolated options. Because they can transfer power between circuits without a direct connection, they are useful in protecting electronic loads and keeping devices safe from high voltages or parasitic currents. To meet customer needs, non-isolated power supply designs require ultra-low standby power and high levels of integration.
Our broad portfolio of solutions includes PSR/SSR flyback regulators, switching regulators, and flyback controllers. Our top-of-the-line parts offer a wide range of exceptional features, including a wide input voltage, low switching loss, switching frequency spread minimization, high reliability, long lifespan, and a small package size. These efficient devices lower cost and BOM to help simplify the design process and accelerate time-to-market.

MPS’s exceptional AC/DC power supplies provide everything you need to power up the system.
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