26V, 5.5A Dual Full-Bridge Driver

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Product Description

The MP8049S is a configurable dual channel full-bridge or quad channel half-bridge that can be configured as the output stage of a Class-D audio amplifier. Each full-bridge can be driven independently as stereo single ended audio amplifiers or driven complementary in a bridge tied load (BTL) audio amplifier configuration. The MP8049S features a low current shutdown mode, standby mode, input under voltage protection, current limit, thermal shutdown and fault flag signal output. All channels of drivers interface with standard logic signals. The MP8049S is available in a 40 lead QFN 5X5 package.

Product Features

  • 5V to 26V VDD
  • ±5.5A Peak Current Output
  • Up to 1MHz Switching Frequency
  • Protected Integrated Power 0.14Ω Switches
  • 10ns Switch Dead Time
  • All Switches Current Limited
  • Internal Under Voltage Protection
  • Internal Thermal Protection
  • Short-circuit Protection
  • Fault Output Flag
  • Bridge Tied Load Output Power: 37W/Channel at 24V, 8Ω


  • Number of Half-Bridges4
  • Control InterfacePWM
  • PackageQFN-40 (5x5)
  • GradeCatalog
  • Iout (max) (A)5.500000
  • Vin (max) (V)26
  • Vin (min) (V)5