Low Noise, High PSRR, 1A Linear Regulator EV Board

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The EVQ20051-Q-00A evaluation board demonstrates the performance of MPQ20051, a low noise and low dropout linear regulator. It operates from 2.5V to 5.5V input voltage and the output voltage can be set externally which ranges from 0.8V to 5V.

The EVQ20051-Q-00A can supply up to 1A of load current, and features current limiting, over temperature protection.

An internal PMOS pass element is used to allow a low 110μA ground current, marking the MPQ20051 suitable for battery-power devices.


  • Up to 1A Output Current
  • Low 140mV Dropout at 1A
  • Adjustable Output from 0.8V to 5V
  • 63dB PSRR at 1kHz
  • 13μVRMS Low Noise Output
  • Very Fast Transient Responses
  • Current Limit and Thermal Protection


  • IC Supported 1MPQ20051

Industrial Grade, Low Noise, High PSRR, 1A Linear Regulator

The MPQ20051 is a low-dropout linear regulator that supplies up to 1A current with a 140mV dropout voltage. The externally-adjustable output voltage has a range of 0.8V to 5V from an input voltage of 2.5V to 5.5V.
An internal PMOS pass element allows for a low 130μA ground current, making the MPQ20051 suitable for battery-powered devices. Other features include low-power shutdown, and short-circuit and thermal protection.
The MPQ20051 is available in 3mm x 3mm 8-pin QFN package.