5V to 60V, Three - Phase Brushless DC Motor Pre-Driver Evaluation Board
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The EVKT6530 is an evaluation board for the MP6530, a three-phase BLDC motor pre-driver.

The EVKT6530 operates from a supply voltage of up to 60V. It is configured to drive 3 half bridges consisting of 6 N-channel Power MOSFETs. The rotor position information is provided by the Hall sensors assembled in the motor. Motor speed and direction are controlled by an on-board microcontroller.


  • Wide 5V to 60V Input Voltage Range
  • Hall Sensor Inputs
  • Programmable OCP Threshold
  • Support 100% Duty Cycle Operation
  • OCP, OTP
  • Fault Indication Output


  • IC Supported 1MP6530

60V 3-Phase BLDC Motor Pre-Driver

The MP6530 is a gate driver IC designed for three-phase brushless DC motor driver applications. It is capable of driving three half bridges consisting of 6 N-channel power MOSFETs up to 60V.
The MP6530 uses a bootstrap capacitor to generate a supply voltage for the high-side MOSFET driver. An internal trickle-charge circuit maintains sufficient gate driver voltage at 100% duty cycle.
Internal safety features include programmable over-current protection, adjustable dead-time control, UVLO, and thermal shutdown. 
The MP6530 is available in 28-pin, 9.7mm×6.4mm TSSOP-EP and 4mmx4mm QFN-28 package with an exposed thermal pad on the back.