MPX2001 Evaluation Kit All-in-one Flyback Controller with Integrated Primary and Secondary Controller 

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Product Description

The EVKT-MPX2001-45-PD is an evaluation kit for the MPX2001, which includes an evaluation board designed for a 45W Type-C PD adapter. The board is designed in a very small form factor with a very high power density. Its electrical specifications are suitable for the typical cell phone and computer power adapter. The particular benefits for the board are the very low no-load power consumption (<0.075W) and the very high overall efficiency, greatly exceeds DOE Level VI & CoC Tier2. With the USBCEE USB-C Power Adapter Tester (PAT), the performance of the board can be easily evaluated. This kit also includes a USB stick with related test program and supporting documents.

Product Features

  • EVX2001 Evaluation Board (EVX2001-Y-02C)
  • USBCEE Power Adapter Tester (PAT)
  • USB thumb drive that stores the USBCEE PAT Utility
  • Micro USB Cable and Type-C Cable


  • IC Supported 1MPX2001

Monolithic IC


IC Details

MPX2001 is all-in-one solution flyback controller. It integrates primary driving circuit, secondary controller and synchronous rectification driver in one chip. So it can keep all the benefit of both primary side regulation (PSR) and secondary side regulation (SSR) together. With MPX2001, system complexity can be reduced due to no feedback circuit is needed. Thus the total BOM cost is eventually reduced. At the same time, Synchronous Rectifier (SR) can be perfectly matched with the driving signal of the primary side MOSFET. With this feature, SR is able to operate safely in the Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM), which will potentially help to increase the overall efficiency and gain more flexibility to the design. MPX2001 features advanced protections, including primary sensed output Over Voltage Protection (OVP) and Primary Over Current Protection (POCP), real secondary sensed output Over Load Protection (OLP), Brown-in/Brown-out (B/O, B/I), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Current-Sensing Short Protection (SSP), internal Thermal Shut Down (TSD), Under Voltage Locked-Out (UVLO), and External triggered Protection (Ext.P).