MP5416 Evaluation Kit 2.8-5.5V, Power Management IC with Four Buck Converters and 5 LDOs
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Product Description

The EVKT-5416 is an evaluation kit for the MP5416, a complete power management IC, which integrates four high-efficiency, step-down, DC/DC converters, five low-dropout regulators, and flexible system configurations via I2C. The kit allows for quick evaluation of the PMIC and offers One-Time Programming (OTP) capabilities, which allow users to program custom configurations, supporting a wide range of designs.  

Product Features

  • EV5416 Evaluation Board (EV5416-R-00D)
  • Dongle with Accessories (EVKT-USBI2C-02)
    • USB to I2C Dongle
    • Ribbon Cable
    • USB Flash drive for installing GUI
  • 2 OTP MP5416 ICs (MP5416GR-CCCC)
  • USB thumb drive that stores GUI installation file and supplemental documents


  • IC Supported 1MP5416
  • IC Supported 2I2C Tool

Monolithic IC


IC Details

The MP5416-0001 is a complete power management solution that integrates four high-efficiency, step-down, DC/DC converters, five low-dropout regulators, and a flexible logic interface.
A constant-on-time (COT) control DC/DC converter provides fast transient response. The 1.5MHz default fixed switching frequency during continuous conduction mode (CCM) reduces the external inductor and capacitor values greatly. Full protection features include under-voltage lockout (UVLO), over-current protection (OCP), and thermal shutdown.
The output voltage is adjustable through the I2C bus or pre-set by the one-time programmable (OTP) function. The power on/off sequence is also programmable by the OTP or can be controlled through the I2C bus online.
The MP5416-0001 requires a minimal number of external components and is available in a space-saving, 28-pin QFN (4mmx4mm) package.

Monolithic IC


IC Details

This GUI can be used for evaluating the output voltage options supported by the MP5416 and for optimizing output voltage selection.  It does not require evaluation board. Refer to app note AN139 for more details. 

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or later

.Net Framework 4 or later