5V to 26V, 5.5A Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver Evaluation Board

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Product Description

The EV6536-U-00A is the evaluation board for the MP6536, a three-phase BLDC motor driver. It accepts PWM modulated inputs for operation.

The MP6536 features a low current shutdown mode, standby mode, input under voltage protection, current limit, thermal shutdown and fault flag signal output. All channels of drivers interface with standard logic signals.

The MP6536 is available in a 40 lead QFN 5X5 package.

Product Features

  • 5V to 26V VDD
  • ±5.5A Peak Current Output
  • Up to 1MHz Switching Frequency
  • Current Sense Output
  • Optional 3.3V or 5V Logic Power Supply on Board
  • All Switches Current Limited
  • Internal Under Voltage Protection
  • Internal Thermal Protection
  • Short-circuit Protection
  • Fault Output Flag


  • IC Supported 1MP6536

Monolithic IC


IC Details

MP6536 是一款3通道半桥驱动IC,意在驱动3相直流无刷电机。 
MP6536 具有低电流关断模式、待机模式、输入欠压保护、限流保护、过温保护和故障标记信号输出功能。驱动IC的所有通道都具有标准逻辑信号接口。
MP6536 采用 40-Lead QFN 5mmx5mm 封装。