80V Buck Converter Evaluation Board
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EV6004-Q-00B Evaluation Board is designed to demonstrate the capability of MP6004`s buck function. The MP6004 is a monolithic DC-DC converter which includes 180V power switch and targets isolated or non-isolated 13W PoE application.

MP6004 uses fixed peak current and variable frequency discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) to regulate constant output voltage. Buck mode minimizes the solution size and BOM cost in PoE application if isolation is not needed. High voltage power MOSFET optimizes it for various wide voltage applications.

The MP6004 also features protection including over load and thermal shutdown.

The MP6004 is available in QFN-14 3mmX3mm package.


  • Buck Converter from up to 80V Input
  • Integrated 180V Switching Power MOSFET
  • Internal 80V VCC Supply Circuit
  • Up to 3A Programmable Current Limit
  • Discontinuous Conduction Work Mode
  • Include OLP and Thermal Protection
  • Minimal External Components Count
  • Available in QFN-14 3mmx3mm Package


  • IC Supported 1MP6004

80V,3A 原边调节反激/降压 DCDC 转换器

MP6004 是一款集成 180V 高压开关管的单片反激 DC/DC 转换器,适用于隔离式或非隔离式 13W 以太网供电应用,可支持原边反馈反激和高电压 Buck 应用。MP6004 采用固定峰值电流和变频断续工作模式(DCM)来调节输出电压。在反激模式下,采用原边反馈,无需光电耦合器反馈,使设计简化,节省 BOM 成本;MP6004 还提供 Buck 降压模式,在非隔离应用中可最大限度地缩小方案尺寸。其 180V 集成功率 MOSFET 使 MP6004 适应于各种宽工作电压应用。全方位保护包括过载保护、过压保护、开路保护和过温保护。MP6004 采用 QFN-14 3mm x 3mm 封装。