White LED Driver For TV Backlighting Applications
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The EV4700-S-00A is the Evaluation Board designed to demonstrate the capabilities of MP4700 for TV backlighting applications. The MP4700 is a high efficiency step-down converter controller designed for driving the high brightness LEDs.

With a 250-300V input VIN and an 8-18V power supply for MP4700, the EV4700-S-00A can drive a LED string up to 200V, and the LED current is regulated to 250mA. The EVB realizes input UVLO by INUV pin, the PWM dimming can be implemented by applying a PWM dimming signal on PWM pin. The short LED load protection and Over-Voltage protection are included.


  • 8V-to-18V IC Supply Voltage
  • Constant-Current LED Driver
  • Power MOSFET Zero-Current Turn-On
  • No Freewheeling Diode Reverse Recovery Issues
  • High Efficiency and Reliability in Boundary Conduction Mode
  • Low 1mA Operation Current
  • PWM Dimming Control
  • Hiccup Short Circuit Protection
  • UVLO for Bus Input Voltage
  • Input UVLO, Thermal Shutdown
  • Maximum Frequency Limited to 160kHz
  • Available in SOIC8 Package


  • IC Supported 1MP4700

Low-side BCM Mode WLED Buck Controller