Low Line Voltage, 10W High side Buck PFC Offline WLED Driver Evaluation Board
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Product Description

The EV4027-J-00B Evaluation Board is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of MP4027. The MP4027 is an offline LED lighting controller which can achieve high power factor and accurate LED current for both isolated and non-isolated lighting application in a single stage converter. It works in boundary conduction mode for reducing the MOSFET and Diode switching losses.

The EV4027-J-00B is typically designed for driving a non-isolated 10W Buck PFC LED bulb with 72VTYP, 140mA LED load at low line voltage (90V~132VAC, 60Hz).

The EV4027-J-00B has high performances in efficiency, line/load regulation and meets IEC61547 surges, IEC61000-3-2 Class C harmonics and EN55015 conducted EMI. It has multi-protection function as over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, inductor OCP, Vin Brown out, NTC, etc.

Product Features

  • Small IC package: SOT23-8
  • Real current control
  • Good line/load regulation
  • High power factor>0.92 over input voltage
  • Boundary conduction mode improves efficiency
  • NTC function
  • Input UVLO
  • Inductor over current protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Fit inside B10 bulb enclosure


  • IC Supported 1MP4027

Monolithic IC


IC Details

The MP4027 is a primary-side-control, offline LED controller that achieves high-power factor and accurate LED current for isolated, single-power-stage lighting applications in an FCTSOT package. The proprietary real-current-control method accurately controls LED current from primary-side information with good line and load regulation. The primary-side-control eliminates the secondary-side feedback components and the opto-coupler to significantly simplify LED-lighting-system design. The MP4027 integrates power-factor correction and works in boundary-conduction mode to reduce MOSFET switching losses. The MP4027 has NTC function and allows PWM dimming. The MP4027’s multiple protection features greatly enhance system reliability and safety. These features include over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, primary-side over-current protection, brown out protection, cycle-by-cycle current limiting, VCC under-voltage lockout, and auto-restart over-temperature protection.