Boost White LED-Driver For TV Backlighting Application
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Product Description

The EV4012DS-00A Evaluation Board is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of MPS’ MP4012DS for TV backlighting applications. MP4012DS is a current mode controller designed for high brightness LEDs.

With a 50-90V input VIN and a 12V power supply for MP4012DS, EV4012DS-00A can deliver a regulated voltage to drive a LED string. The LED current is regulated to about 120mA, The EV4012DS-00A can be synchronized, Several EV4012DS-00As can be used together to drive a TV panel.

Product Features

  • Constant Current WLED Driver
  • High Frequency PWM Dimming
  • Switching Frequency Synchronization
  • Open Load Hiccup Mode Protection
  • Short Load Hiccup Mode Protection
  • Programmable Cycle-by-Cycle Over Current Protection
  • UVLO, Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • Soft Start


  • IC Supported 1MP4012

Monolithic IC


IC Details

The MP4012 is a current mode controller designed for driving the high brightness Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) from extremely wide input voltage 8V-55V. It can be used in Boost, Buck, Buck-boost and SEPIC topologies.  The MP4012 drives external MOSFET with fixed frequency/constant off-time architecture to regulate the LED current, which is measured through an external current sense resistor. Its feedback voltage can be adjusted by the external DC bias voltage. The MP4012 can work in constant frequency operation mode or constant off time mode. It features programmable slop compensation that can optimize the control loop regulation and avoid sub harmonic oscillation.  The MP4012 implements high frequency PWM Dimming with external disconnect MOSFET. It achieves analog dimming by adjusting the feedback voltage. The MP4012 has synchronizing function, which makes multiple ICs synchronized to each other by connecting SYNC pins together.  The MP4012 includes under-voltage lockout, over voltage protection, open and short hiccup mode protection, overload protection and thermal protection to prevent damage in the case of fault condition.  The MP4012 is available in a 16-pin SOIC package.