Peak Current Mode PWM Controller Flyback EV Board
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EV3910-K-00A Evaluation Board is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of MP3910. MP3910 is a Peak Current Mode PWM controller that can drives an external MOSFET capable of handling >10A current. It can accommodate flyback, boost for isolated and non-isolated applications.

While designed for Flyback applications, the 1A gate driver minimizes the power loss of the external MOSFET while allowing the use of a wide variety of standard threshold devices. Additionally, MP3910 has pulse skipping Mode function that improves the efficiency with light load or no load. It also provides hiccup protection for OLP, OVP and SCP condition.

The MP3910 is available in MSOP10 package.


  • Wide 36V to 72V Vin Range
  • 1A 12V MOSFET Gate Driver
  • External Soft-Start
  • Pulse Skipping Operation with Light Load
  • Programmable Switching Frequency (30kHz-to-400kHz)
  • Synchronizable from 80kHz-to-400kHz
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit
  • Over Load Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Available in an MSOP10 Package


  • IC Supported 1MP3910

带可编程频率、外部软启动和轻载功能的峰值电流控制模式升压 PWM 控制器

MP3910 是一款峰值电流控制模式 PWM 控制器,可驱动超过10A 电流能力的外部 MOSFET。其典型静态工作电流为288µA,可用于升压变换器和反激开关电源应用。
除了用于反激应用,MP3910 也可用于其他拓扑结构,包括 Boost 升压、正激和 SEPIC 应用。其 1A 的驱动能力降低了外部 MOSFET 的开关功率损耗,允许选择各种规格的MOSFET。此外,MP3910 具有跳频模式,可提高轻载或空载时的效率。它还提供用于过载,过压和短路条件下的打嗝保护功能。MP3910 采用 MSOP10 封装。