High Efficiency Isolated Active Clamp Forward EV Board
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Product Description

The EV3908DK-00J is an evaluation board for the MP3908DK. It is configured to provide a regulated 3.3V output at up to 20A load current from a 36V-75V input. The output is adjustable by changing feedback resistors on the evaluation board.

MP3908DK features a synchronous gate output which enables high efficiency design by drive the clamp MOSFET.

Product Features

  • Isolated high efficiency 66W design
  • Isolated high efficiency 66W design
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting
  • 250kHz Constant Frequency Operation


  • IC Supported 1MP3908

Monolithic IC


IC Details

The MP3908 is a flexible current-mode PWM controller optimized for power-supply applications.  The MP3908 features resistor-programmable dead-time control to optimize efficiency for a broad number of different configurations, and a synchronous secondary gate drive.  The MOSFET drivers are capable of driving >10A MOSFETs. It has an operational current of typically 270µA and can accommodate off-line, Telecom and non-isolated applications. Under-voltage lockout, soft start, slope compensation and peak current limiting are all included. In a boost application, with an output voltage of less than 28V, the current sense pin can connect directly to the drain of the external switch. This eliminates the requirement for an additional current sensing element and its associated efficiency loss.  While designed for boost applications, the MP3908 can also be used for other topologies including Forward, Flyback and Sepic. The 10V gate driver compliance minimizes the power loss of the external MOSFET while allowing the use of a wide variety of standard threshold devices. An externally programmable delay following the turn off of the synchronous rectifier allows the incorporation of secondary side synchronous rectifier.  The MP3908 is available in space saving 10-pin MSOP package.