1.8A, MHz Synchronous Boos Converter Evaluation Board
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The EV3414-J-00A is a Boost converter evaluation board for the MP3414, a synchronous, 1MHz fixed frequency, current mode step-up converter with output to input disconnect. The device can step up single-cell and two-cell alkaline, NiCd, and NiMH batteries up to 4V.

It can startup from an input voltage as low as 0.8V and provides inrush current limiting as well as output short circuit protection.

The output voltage also can be regulated when VIN>VOUT, and the P-channel MOS is no longer act as a low impedance switch.

The EV3414-J-00A regulates the output voltage up to 3.3V from single cell AA battery without the uses of an external Schottky diode.

The MP3414 is offered in a TSOT23-8 package.


  • Up to 96% Efficiency
  • True Output Load Disconnect
  • Input Range: 0.6V to 4V
  • Output Range: 1.8V to 4V
  • 0.8V Low Voltage Start-Up
  • Current Mode Control with Internal Compensation
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • True Output Disconnect from Input
  • VIN>VOUT Down Mode Operation
  • High Efficiency at Light Load Conditions
  • Inrush Current Limit and Internal Soft-Start
  • 1MHz Fixed Frequency Switching
  • Tiny External Components


  • IC Supported 1MP3414

1.8A, 1MHz Synchronous, Step-up Converter with Output Disconnect

The MP3414 is a high-efficiency, synchronous, current–mode, step-up converter with output disconnect.   The MP3414 can start up from an input voltage as low as 0.8V to provide inrush current limiting, and output short-circuit protection. The integrated, P-channel, synchronous rectifier improves efficiency and eliminates the need for an external Schottky diode. The PMOS disconnects the output from the input when the part shuts down. This output disconnect feature allows the output to be completely discharged, thus allowing the part to draw a 1μA supply current in shutdown mode.  The 1MHz switching frequency allows for smaller external components, while the internal compensation and the soft-start minimize the external component count: these feature help to produce a compact solution for a wide current load range. The MP3414 features an integrated power MOSFET that supports up to a 4V output and a typical 1.8A peak switching current.  The MP3414 is available in a small 8-pin TSOT23 package.