0.5A, 480kHz, 55V Step-Down Converter Evaluation Board

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Product Description

The EV2459-J-00A is an evaluation board for the MP2451, a fixed 480kHz frequency step-down switching regulator with an integrated high-side high voltage power MOSFET.

The board can provide the load current up to 0.6A. High power conversion efficiency over a wide load range is achieved by scaling down the switching frequency at light load condition. The 5V to 55V input range accommodates a variety of step-down applications.

The board provides compact arrangement of components. By switching at 480kHz, smaller value inductor and input/output capacitor can be used to lower down cost and save board space.

Product Features

  • Compact Arrangement of Components
  • Wide Operating Input Range
  • 0.5A Output Current
  • Up to 90% Efficiency


  • IC Supported 1MP2459

Monolithic IC


IC Details

The MP2459 is a monolithic, step-down, switch-mode converter with a built-in power MOSFET. It achieves a 0.5A peak-output current over a wide input supply range with excellent load and line regulation. Current-mode operation provides a fast transient response and eases loop stabilization. Fault condition protections include cycle­by­cycle current limiting and thermal shutdown. The MP2459 requires a minimal number of readily-available external components. The MP2459 is available in a TSOT23-6 package.