40V, 150mA, Low Quiescent Current Linear RegulatorEvaluation Board

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The EV2013A-33-J_Q_G-00A is an evaluation board for the MP2013A-33, MPQ2013A-33 and MPQ2013A-33-AEC1, a low linear regulator that supplies power to systems with high voltage batteries.

MP2013A-33/MPQ2013A-33/MPQ2013A-33-AEC1 includes a wide 4.3V to 40V input range, low dropout voltage and low quiescent supply current. The low quiescent current and low dropout voltage allows operations at extremely low power levels. Therefore, the MP2013A-33/MPQ2013A-33/MPQ2013A-33-AEC1 is ideal for the low power microcontrollers and the battery-powered equipments.

The EV2013A-33-J_Q_G-00A is a fully assembled and tested evaluation board. It generates a +3.3V output voltage at load current up to 150mA from a 4.3V to 40V input range.


  • 4.3V to 40V Input Range
  • 150mA Specified Current
  • 700mV Dropout at 150mA Load
  • Output ±2% Accuracy for QFN8 Package
  • Output ±4% Accuracy for QFN6 Package
  • Specified Current Limit
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • -40°C to +125°C SpecifiedJunctionTemperatureRange
  • Includes QFN6 (2x2mm) and QFN8 (3x3mm) Packages


  • PackageQFN-6 (2x2), QFN-8 (3x3)
  • IC Supported 1MP2013A-33
  • IC Supported 2MPQ2013A-33
  • IC Supported 3MPQ2013A-33-AEC1