2.7 W Mono Class D Low-EMI Audio Amplifier EV Board

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The EV1720DQ-00B is the evaluation board for the MP1720DQ-216, a low-power mono BTL class-D audio amplifier. MP1720DQ-216 is one of MPS’ products, which is low EMI, high efficiency, and full bridge output capable of delivering 2.7W into 4Ω speaker.

The EV board can also be used to evaluate the MP1720DQ-003, MP1720DQ-006, MP1720DQ-009 and MP1720DQ-012 (with IC replacement).


  • Pass FCC-Radiated Emissions Standards with 24inch Cable without output filter
  • 2.7W Into 4Ω with 5 V VIN @ 10% THD+N
  • Up to 90% Efficiency
  • Flexible Switching Frequency setting
  • 2.5V~5.5V Operation from a Single Supply
  • Low Noise (53μV Typical) with 3.3 V VIN
  • Low Quiescent Current (4mA @3.3 V)



  • IC Supported 1MP1720

2.7W Mono Class-D Low-EMI High-Efficiency Audio Amplifier

The MP1720 is a high efficiency Class-D audio amplifier. It utilizes a full bridge output structure capable of delivering 2.7W into 4omg speaker. This device exhibits the high fidelity of a class AB amplifier with an efficiency of 90% which dramatically reduces solution size by integrating the following: • 250mΩ power MOSFETs (VIN =3.3V) • Startup / Shutdown pop elimination • Over Current /Thermal overload Protection The MP1720 features a pin-selectable 1MHz or 1.3MHz frequency control or can be synchronized to an external clock source. The flexible switching frequency and internal EMI-reduction scheme eliminates the need for an output LC filter and passes emission standards without filter & with considerable cable. The MP1720 has six fixed gain options. MP1720-0: 0dB; MP1720-3: 3dB; MP1720-6: 6dB; MP1720-9: 9dB; MP1720-12: 12dB; MP1720-216: 21.6dB. The MP1720 is available in 10-pin MSOP-EP and 10-pin QFN packages.