Universal Input, Dual Output, Non-Isolated Off-Line Regulator, Evaluation Board
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The EV163-S-00A Evaluation Board is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of MP163. The MP163 is a primary-side constant voltage regulator providing accurate constant voltage (CV) regulation without Opto-coupler. It supports Buck, Buck-Boost, Boost and Flyback topologies.

The EV163-S-00A Evaluation Board is designed as Buck application. EV163-S-00A typically drives a 12V/200mA, 5V/50mA output from 85VAC to265VAC, at 60/50Hz.

The EV163-S-00A has an excellent efficiency and meets 1kV IEC61000-4-5 surge immunity and EN55022 conducted EMI requirements. MP163 features various protections, including thermal shutdown (TSD), VCC under-voltage lockout (UVLO), over-load protection (OLP), short- circuit protection (SCP), and open loop protection.

MP163 is available in SOIC8-7B and SOIC16 packages.

This board built with MP163CGS-5. It can be used for evaluation of the whole MP163 SOIC8-7 package family with simple drop in replacement.


  • Primary-Side non-isolated Constant Voltage (CV) Control
  • Integrated 700V MOSFET
  • < 30mW No-load power consumption
  • Peak-Current Control with Peak Current Compression
  • Low Vcc operating current
  • Limited Maximum Frequency
  • Frequency Foldback
  • Multiple Protections: SCP, OCP, OTP, and VCC UVLO
  • Low Cost and Simple External circuit
  • Internal high-voltage current source
  • Built in LDO


  • IC Supported 1MP163C

700V, Non-Isolated, Offline Regulator with Integrated LDO, Up to 4W of Output Power

The MP163 is a primary-side regulator that provides accurate, dual-output, constant voltage (CV) regulation without an optocoupler. The MP163 supports buck, boost, buck-boost, and flyback topologies and has an integrated 700V MOSFET and an LDO to simplify the structure and reduce cost. These features make the MP163 an ideal regulator for offline, low-power applications, such as home appliances and standby power. The MP163 is a green-mode operation regulator. Both the peak current and switching frequency decrease as the load decreases. This feature provides excellent efficiency at light load and improves overall average efficiency. Full protection features include thermal shutdown, VCC under-voltage lockout (UVLO), overload protection (OLP), short-circuit protection (SCP), and open-loop protection. The MP163 is available in SOIC16 and SOIC8-7B packages.