MP1542 TFT Applications Evaluation Board
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The EV1542DK-TFT-00A is the evaluation board for TFT applications using the MP1542. The MP1542 can be operated at 700KHz or 1.3MHz allowing for easy filtering and low noise. An external compensation pin gives the user flexibility in setting loop dynamics, which allows the use of small, low-ESR ceramic output capacitors. Soft-start results in small inrush current and can be programmed with an external capacitor. The MP1542 operates from an input voltage as low as 2.5V and can generate 12V at up to 500mA from a 5V supply.

The EV1542DK-TFT-00A provides VOUT1 from the boost output and also derives VOUT3 (positive) and VOUT2 (negative) from the charge pumps off of the boost switching node.


""• 3 Outputs in a Single Package: Boost Converter for 9V, Positive Charge Pump for 26V and Negative Charge Pump for –8V • 3V to 3.6V Operating Input Range • Uses Tiny Capacitors and Inductors • 700KHz/1.3MHz Fixed Switching Frequency • Externally Compensated • Programmable Soft-Start • UVLO, Thermal Shutdown • Internal Current Limit""


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2A 电流, 700KHz/1.3MHz 频率升压转换器

MP1542 是一款带 2A、0.18Ω 内部开关管的电流控制模式升压转换器,提供具有快速响应功能的高效调节器。MP1542 的工作频率为 700KHz 或 1.3MHz,方便输出纹波和滤波设计。外部补偿引脚为用户提供了灵活的环路设计,允许其使用小尺寸低 ESR 陶瓷输出电容器。可外部电容器调节的软启动功能可有效控制输入浪涌电流容器编程。MP1542 输入电压可低至 2.5V,可从 5V 电源转换得到 12V,500mA 的输出电流。MP1542 包含欠压锁定保护、限流保护和热过载保护,以防止输出过载时损坏芯片。MP1542 采用薄款 8 引脚 MSOP 封装。